Penny Messenger

I first met Kim around the beginning of 2019 when after much persuasion on my part I convinced my mum to get back in the saddle after several years off and a nasty fall. I have my own horses and wanted mum to be able to share the pleasure that they are with me and be able to come out and ride together. She was more than a little nervous getting back into riding and very much starting from scratch with no idea if she would want to keep it up or just give it a go that once again to appease me. Kim’s approach in that first 30 minute lunge lesson was all it needed for mum to fall in love with riding and horses again. After the initial shock of being on board had worn off the biggest smile remained on mums face for the entire lesson. Kims approach with teaching is one of the best I have come across in my 27 years riding, she is empathetic to her riders fears and concerns and absolutely brilliant at knowing when she can push someone that little bit further out of their comfort zone to get the most out of them, which in my experience is oh so important, all too many times when I have been training for competitions etc I have needed that extra push when I wanted to give up ! She is incredibly focused on making sure that the riders position is accurate, that the horses wellbeing during the training is paramount and that her riders are safe. Mum had a better position and grasp of how to ride correctly within the first couple of lessons with Kim that she hadn’t reached after 6 weeks with her previous tuition. Kim makes her lessons not only educational but best of all FUN! She truly cares about her students and their progression. She is forward thinking in her approach and has threatened me to a few rounds with her franklin balls which I will most certainly be booking up as soon as I can. If you are looking for an instructor that really will improve your riding at what ever level you may be at I would not hesitate to recommend her ! I can honestly say that Kim has not only given my mum the confidence to ride again but she has become a good friend in the process.